The Puppy Package

Getting a new puppy is a very exciting experience, whether it be your first ever dog or an addition to an experienced doggy family. When researching how to go about life after you bring your puppy home, you may read that young puppies cannot be left longer than a few hours at a time and that they also have to be fed at lunchtime! For the modern family this can pose a dilemma, as many people work, away from home, for as many as 8 hours a day.

A standard pet visit allows the puppy to toilet and can break the day up for them but Norfolk Pet Services go one step further by offering the personally tailored Puppy Package.

The Puppy Package includes a free, no time-limit consultation so you can go into as much detail about your puppy’s routine and training as is required.

Each visit consists of:

  • A one hour visit including toileting and feeding.
  • Complete consistency with your own routine and training commands.
  • Desensitisation and socialising, out and about, if desired (carried before vaccinations).
  • Grooming and nail trimming to get puppy comfortable with being handled in this manner.
  • Trick training, basic commands and manners training.
  • Short walks when your puppy is old enough and fully vaccinated.
  • Regular updates via text to reassure you that your puppy is well and happy.
  • Regular photos sent to you online or uploaded to our Facebook page (with your prior consent).
  • Play and cuddles!

As your puppy grows, walks will be gradually extended using the ‘5 minutes per month’ rule until they are able to switch over to an hours Social Walk (this will vary depending on breed, development and stamina).

Our Animal Carers are very experienced when it comes to rearing and training puppies. We only ever use kind, reward-based methods and are very happy to offer advice on these topics. If you would like any of our hints and tips, please ask during your consultation.

Monday to Friday: £12.00
Saturday and Sunday: £15.00